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Ola Marcinowska

 DVM, MSc (Clin Onc), MRCVS

Clinical Oncologist

Personal Profile

Ola graduated in 2005 in Warsaw, Poland. While working in a busy general practice in North London, Ola completed Master degree in Clinical Oncology (MSc Clin Onc) at the University of Nottingham. Ola completed a rotating internship at VRCC  (currently called Southfields Veterinary Specialists) , specialist Oncology Internship at the Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital (QVSH), University of Cambridge and Oncology Residency at the QVSH, University of Cambridge. She is now a Clinical Ola MarcinowskaVeterinarian in Oncology at the QVSH


  • Histiocytic sarcoma in a Flat coated retriever with metastases to the central nervous system, liver, kidney and adrenal gland-a case report. A. Marcinowska, F. Constantino-Casas, and J.M. Dobson
  • A novel approach to treatment of lymphangiosarcoma in a boxer dog. A. Marcinowska, J. Warland, M. Brearley, and J. Dobson
  • Comparison of Two Coarse Fractionated Radiation Protocols for the Management of Canine Pituitary Macrotumour: an Observational Study of 24 Dogs. A. Marcinowska, J. Warland, M. Brearley, J. Dobson
  • Radiotherapy in small animal practice-review. A. Marcinowska, J. Dobson
  • Advances in diagnosis and management of intracranial and spinal meningiomas in dogs and cats. Rodrigo S. Horta, Bernardo C. Martins, Guilherme C. Martins, Aleksandra Marcinowska
  • T Lymphocytes in Histiocytic Sarcomas of Flat-Coated Retriever Dogs. A. Marcinowska, F. Constantino-Casas, T. Williams, T. Hoather, B.Blacklaws, and J. Dobson
  • Outcome of adjuvant chemotherapy with lomustine, vinblastine or chlorambucil on management of canine mast cell tumour of high to intermediate risk. Horta RS, Martins BC, Martins GC, Marcinowska A