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The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital


Canine Genetic Testing

Canine Genetic Testing provides diagnostic and research support to the Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, the Department of Veterinary Medicine (including the Kennel Club Genetics Centre), and veterinarians, dogs breeders and owners within and outside the UK. The service is delivered by qualified experienced geneticists who work alongside the researchers of the Kennel Club Genetics Centre.

Services offered include

· DNA Profiling (short tandem repeat, STR – ISAG 2006)

· Parentage verification

· Detection of DNA variants associated with inherited diseases and traits

How to order

Visit our website to view and purchase any tests required. We usually send customers a barcoded swab kit (for sample collection) for each dog to be tested. Customers can also submit a blood sample, but we recommend arranging with us in advance.

Contact us



Phone or WhatsApp: +44 (0)1223 765 860

Online Payment

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Online payment of veterinary fees can be made using the Cambridge University Online Store.

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