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The Cancer Therapy Unit at QVSH is an internationally recognised centre of excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in cats and dogs. We offer a complete, integrated multidisciplinary approach to the cancer patient from diagnosis to all aspects of treatment including radiotherapy on one site.

We work closely with colleagues in internal medicine and surgery and can provide the necessary medical support and intensive care for critically ill patients.

Services offered include

• Multidiscipinary approach to all cancer cases
• Advanced imaging for diagnostic and planning purposes
• Megavoltage radiotherapy with photon beam & electron capacity
• 3D computer assisted radiation planning
• Photodynamic therapy, for superficial carcinomas eg SCC nasal planum in cats
• Chemotherapy, conventional, metronomic and tyrosine kinase inhibitors
• On site flow cytometry service for diagnosis of leukaemia and lymphoma
• Free advice / helpline
• Options for shared care with local practitioners

Oncology contacts


Phone: 07795 580020 (for informal case discussion) or 01223 337621 (for appointments, open 24 hrs)

General contact details:

01223 337621

For all enquiries during office hours and for emergency referrals at any time


Address: Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0ES

How to find us

Refer a case

Reception staff will try to contact the clinician immediately for you. In the case of an emergency we will do our utmost to get a response at the time and in all cases within the day.

Please use our referral form

Obesity Clinic Landscape

Looking for a few more willing volunteers with medium sized dogs (15-25kg) for a short food project at the QVSH. Do you live close to Cambridge and own a medium sized dog (any breed or cross weighing 15-25 kg)? If so we would like to invite you and your 4-legged friend to participate in one of our current experiments investigating food preferences in dogs. The test will take place at the Queen’s Veterinary Hospital in Cambridge (some days in Feb & Mar) and will take about 30 min per dog. If you are interested please send an email to Marie ( to receive more information.