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Small Animal Orthopaedics

The QVSH Small Animal Orthopaedic Service provides a top-notch referral service for diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of a wide spectrum of congenital, developmental, and traumatic conditions involving the musculoskeletal system of dogs and cats.

Services offered include:

  • Assessment of lameness
  • Total hip replacement for large and small dogs, and cats
  • Routine and challenging cases of all joint diseases (e.g. cranial cruciate ligament rupture, patella luxation or osteochondrosis
  • Arthroscopy of elbows, shoulders, stifles and tarsi
  • Fracture repair and treatment of delayed healing of all extra and intra-articular fractures
  • Management of multi-trauma cases
  • Treatment of ligament, tendon and muscle injuries
  • Angular limb deformity correction
  • Advanced cartilage resurfacing techniques
  • Management of osteoarthritis

General contact details:

01223 337621

For all enquiries during office hours and for emergency referrals at any time


Address: Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0ES

How to find us

Refer a case

Reception staff will try to contact the clinician immediately for you. In the case of an emergency we will do our utmost to get a response at the time and in all cases within the day.

Please use our referral form

We are currently looking for Flatcoated Retrievers affected by Histiocytic Sarcoma.

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