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The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital


At The Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, we are dedicated to delivering care that is as unique as each patient. We offer a bespoke approach, recognising that the ‘gold standard’ may not fit everyone’s needs or circumstances. Clinicians always discuss the range of treatment options available to ensure our clients can make an informed care choice.

Our Teaching Hospital prides itself on its not-for-profit approach, ensuring that all income is channelled back into the hospital to provide the highest quality care and state-of-the-art equipment.  Our multidisciplinary expertise is combined with the latest technology to ensure outstanding care. By offering common procedures at a fixed cost, we provide transparent pricing for our referring colleagues and their clients. Our tailored care plans are comprehensive, encompassing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that reflect the distinct situation of every patient and client. We enhance value with contextual care and fixed-price services, guaranteeing that your clients receive the very best care at the best possible price.


Fixed Price Offers – Summer 2024.

For more information or to book please contact the hospital on 01223 337621 or email us on 


Puppy Heart Murmur Clinic – Appointments £200

  • Appointments available Monday – Friday
  • Full echocardiographic examination with specialist cardiologist
  • Eligible for puppies up to 12 months old with heart murmurs

Now for just £200, clients can get the reassurance of knowing that their puppy has benefited from early access to specialist assessment.


Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Clinic  - £339 Inc VAT

Eligible cats: Asymptomatic cats with suspicion of preclinical cardiomyopathy: arrhythmia, gallop, heart murmur, hight NT-proBNP, familial history of HCM.

Includes:  Echocardiography, ECG, blood pressure measurement, blood tests.


Internal Medicine fixed price services now offered:

  • Comprehensive Nasal Investigation:  Dog: £3600 / Cat: £3100

Includes: full consultation and routine investigations: anaesthesia, CT head*, rhinoscopy, biopsy (+ histopathology), blood testing, hospitalisation (2 nights).

  • Comprehensive Cough Investigation: Dog: £4100 / Cat: £3700

Includes: full consultation and routine investigations: anaesthesia, CT chest, bronchoscopy and bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), BAL fluid cytology/culture/viral PCR, blood testing, hospitalisation (2 nights).

*Additional CT sites, if needed, will incur an additional fee. This will be discussed with your client at consultation.

All prices include VAT. Re-exam & follow-up are additional charges.


Neurology fixed price services now offered:

  • Seizure Investigation:  Dog / Cat: £2795

Includes: full consultation, general anaesthesia, MRI brain, CSF and blood testing if required.

  • Intervertebral disc extrusion:  Dog: £5995 (under 15kg*)

Includes: full consultation, general anaesthesia, MRI or CT, spinal surgery (hemilaminectomy or ventral slot), hospitalisation for up to 3 nights, and discharge with a veterinary physiotherapist (subject to availability).

All prices include VAT. Management of complications and additional investigations, management or treatments are not included, but will be discussed with your client at the earliest opportunity.

*For suspected IVDE cases in dogs over 15kg please contact neurology team for an estimate.


Cardiology Team fixed price services now offered:

  • Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) Closure:  £4800
  • Pulmonic Stenosis Balloon Valvuloplasty: £4800
  • Pacemaker Implantation £5000*
  • DC Electrical Cardioversion £1200

*Individual estimates will try to accommodate prior work-up and client considerations, so please contact us to discuss potential pacemaker cases. Email us on: or phone us on 01223 337621.

​​​​Includes: Full consultation, diagnostic investigation, interventional procedure, up to 3 days of hospitalisation. rechecks throughout the first year.

Additional costs, if necessary for non-standard cases, will be discussed.

All prices include VAT.


Orthopaedic Team fixed price services now offered:

  • Orthopaedic first consultation: £350
  • Re-check with sedation and radiographs: £500
  • Unilateral TPLO
    • <30kg: £3900
    • 30-50kg: £4400
    • >50kg: £5000
  • Unilateral patellar luxation
    • Routine: £3800
    • Routine inc CT: £5000
    • Complex inc CT and 3D prints: £7500
  • Arthrodesis:
    • Pancarpal / pantarsal dog: £5600
    • Pancarpal / pantarsal cat: £5000
    • Partial tarsal dog: £5100
    • Partial tarsal cat: £4500
  • Fracture:
    • Grade 1 (Pin +/- wire fixation): £3800
    • Grade 2 (simple plate / screw fixation): £4500
    • Grade 3a (Complex plate fixation): £5500
    • Grade 3b (Complex plate fixation + CT scan): £6500
    • Grade 4 Complex articular e.g. Y fracture, includes CT scan): £7500
  • Implant removal
    • Simple: £1200
    • Complex: £1800

Our fixed prices include consultation, diagnostic/planning radiographs as indicated, anaesthesia, surgical procedure, routine hospitalisation and routine post-op medications. Investigation and management of unrelated conditions, polytrauma or complications is not included. All prices include VAT. Re-exam & follow-up x-rays are additional charges.

  • Surg'X interlocking nail for fracture repair: £4500

Made from anodized titanium alloy, with a unique design to match the curves of dog and cat bones with excellent biocompatibility and high mechanical resistance.

Biological Benefits:

Minimized Soft Tissue damage and preserved blood supply, promotes faster healing.

Mechanical Benefits:

Superior Strength, reduces post-operative complications, promotes natural healing, suitable for various bones and fracture configurations.


Soft Tissue Surgery fixed price services now offered:

  • Fixed Price BOAS Surgery - £5000

Includes surgery consultation*, CT scan, rhinoscopy, multi-level BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) surgery, ICU care, hospitalisation, medication for discharge and a BOAS recheck.

*Does not include pre-operative BOAS assessment.  Also does not include tracheostomy tube placement or a prolonged hospitalisation due to post-operative complications (more than three days).

All prices include VAT. Re-exam & follow-up are additional charges.


Other Soft Tissue Surgery fixed price services:

  • Laparoscopic spay                                £600-£700*
  • Laparoscopic castrate                           £600-£700*
  • Laparoscopic spay + gastropexy           £1850-£1950*
  • Laparoscopic castrate + gastropexy      £1850-£1950*
  • Gastropexy                                           £1500
  • Laparoscopic liver biopsy                      £1345

* is dependent on weight


General contact details:

01223 337621

For all enquiries during office hours and for emergency referrals at any time


Address: Madingley Road, Cambridge, CB3 0ES

How to find us

Refer a case

During office hours the Client Services team will try to contact the clinician immediately for you. In the case of an emergency referral we will do our utmost to get a response at the time and in routine referrals within the day. Emails are monitored between 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri, to make a referral out of office hours please call

01223 337621


Please use our REFERRAL FORM

(during office hours only).

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