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The Queen's Veterinary School Hospital

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Most of the patients referred to the QVSH require sedation, anaesthesia and analgesia at some time during their stay to enable diagnostic investigations and treatments to be carried out. The anaesthesia service focuses on maintaining the safety and comfort of patients during these times allowing clinicians from other disciplines to concentrate on performing the diagnostic, surgical or medical procedures required by the patient.

We do not have “one size fits all” anaesthetic, analgesic or sedation protocols for procedures. Each and every patient is treated as an individual, receiving a thorough pre-anaesthetic assessment prior to the development of an anaesthetic plan that is tailored to their individual needs and the specifics of the procedure.

Services offered include

• Specialist lead, patient centred care
• Individualised peri-anaesthetic management
• Multimodal anaesthesia and analgesia including loco-regional techniques
• Advanced non-invasive and invasive physiological monitoring
• Anaesthetist lead care during the recovery period
• Part of a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to patient management within the hospital including critical care
• Practical advice to general practitioners on anaesthesia, analgesia, sedation and peri-operative medicine
• External consultancy

Contact the Anaesthesia team

Email:  for informal enquiries and case discussions
Phone: 01223 337621 (hospital office number)


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