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Clinical Pathology Laboratory / Central Diagnostic Services

Our laboratory (also known as Central Diagnostic Services) provides onsite clinical pathology services to the Queen’s Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge Equine Hospital, and Cambridge Farm Animal Services, as well as practices throughout the UK. We also offer flow cytometry (immunophenotyping) for dogs and cats across Europe.

Services offered include

• Flow cytometry/immunophenotyping of lymphoma and leukaemia in dogs and cats (see link below)
• Immunocytochemistry for lymphoma, FIP and determining cell origin (see link below)
• Thromboelastography and D-dimers
• Urine and serum protein electrophoresis
• Aspirate, fluid and bone marrow cytology and core biopsy histopathology
• Haematology and biochemistry testing for small and large animals
• Full microbiology service including culture and sensitivity, faecal analysis and ectoparasite examination
• Same day reporting for flow cytometry, haematology, biochemistry, cytology and urine analysis
• All of our reports include a free of charge interpretation from a clinical pathologist

Download our submission form

Download instructions for submission of flow cytometry samples

Contact us:


Phone: 01223 337625 (General enquiries) or 01223 337635 (Pathologists’ office – for enquiries regarding interpretation of results)