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Clinical Veterinarian in Anatomic Pathology

Hannah is a veterinary anatomic pathologist who has worked in both academic and diagnostic settings. At the Department of Veterinary Medicine, she is part of the team delivering the diagnostic post mortem and surgical biopsy services. She teaches pathology and clinical reasoning to undergraduate vet students and post graduate vet-specialists in training. Hannah also undertakes clinical and basic science research, with a specific interest in lung pathology, the innate immune system, and veterinary oncology. She provides experimental histopathology expertise for scientific collaborators.

Hannah is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists and an RCVS specialist in Veterinary Pathology.


Key publications: 


Wong ΗE, Tourlomousis P, Paterson GK, Webster S, Bryant CE (2023) Naturally-occurring serotype 3 Streptococcus pneumoniae strains that lack functional pneumolysin and autolysin have attenuated virulence but induce localized protective immune responses. PLoS ONE 18(3): e0282843.

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Wong H*, Byrne S*, Rasotto R, Drees R, Taylor A, Priestnall SL, Leo C. A Retrospective Study of Clinical and Histopathological Features of 81 Cases of Canine Apocrine Gland Adenocarcinoma of the Anal Sac: Independent Clinical and Histopathological Risk Factors Associated with Outcome. Animals (Basel). 2021 Nov 22;11(11):3327. doi: 10.3390/ani11113327. PMID: 34828058; PMCID: PMC8614406. *joint first authors,

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Clinical Veterinarian in Anatomic Pathology
Available for consultancy


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Innate immunity
Veterinary oncology