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Joy Archer

Joy Archer PathologyMS VMD PhD FRCPath DECVCP FRCVS (Hon)

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pathology

Professional history
After gaining masters and PhD degrees in biochemistry followed by post doctoral research experience, Joy spent many years doing laboratory and animal based medical research and teaching biochemistry to medical students. When Joy changed profession to veterinary medicine, she chose to specialise in clinical pathology and pathology as they are laboratory medicine based specialisms. Joy’s academic positions have involved teaching veterinary and graduate students, diagnostic services, laboratory management and clinical related research. During her time in Canada, Joy was fortunate to become involved with many wild life projects, and was able to continue these interests at the Royal Veterinary College with exotic species pets and some zoo animals. Joy was a founding Diplomate of European College of Veterinary Clinical Pathology (ECVCP) and a past president of the ECVCP. In 2013, she was awarded honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and in 2015 she was awarded the European Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology Hall of Fame Award, both for her services to Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

Special interests
Development and validation of new diagnostic tests
Flow cytometry for leukaemia/lymphomas
Urinary biomarkers for early renal disease in dogs and cats
Cardiac biomarkers
Diagnostic histopathology particularly of exotic species.

Please see Joy’s research profile for further information.

Key publications
Williams TL, Archer J. Effect of pre-warming EDTA blood samples to 37oC on platelet count measured by Sysmex XT-2000iV in dogs, cats and horses. Veterinary Clinical Pathology. In Press.

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